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Entretanto estudiaba Historia y Sociologia en la Universidad de Chile en Santiago, Juan Monroy recibio la influencia de Humberto Campos, una de las figuras mas grandes del folklore chileno El entusiasmo de este Iquiqueno por la laúd tiene sus raices en su propia experiencia, segun cuenta, pues creo que es particularmente a traves de la difusion de la guitarra clasica, que la rica herencia musical de America Latina y del Caribe sera preservada y asimilada por el resto del mundo. Particularly intriguing for the British audience was the colourful Third Brazilian Suite by Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez, who founded the Brazilian Conservatory in the first half of the 20th-Century. Latin-American additive rhythms, propulsive ostinato textures after that richly tinted harmonies in each of the three contrasted movements were projected with sonorous detail and power, above all the splendid climatic repetitions of the main themes. The fierce, raw force of the final piece was about mesmeric, its initially slow and calm ostinato building to a tidal beckon of sound, all the while syncopated with jazzy insistence. Its riveting ability made it an ideal encore bite following the final works, Chopin's F sharp minor Polonaise and Prokofiev's Seven Sonata. Though well studied, I bring into being Lanis's Chopin Over-intense and Over-pedalled, the ostinato elements favoured above the emotional interludes, in which phrasing was ambiguous. By contrast Lanis came into his own in the Prokofiev's Sonata, a real tour de force. The assess between coherent and impressionistic tendencies infused the first movement with drama, although the beguiling slow movement displayed able-bodied judged textural layering which was beguiling in effect before the power chock-a-block finale. Malcolm Miller.

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